Hey travellers! Or first time travellers,worried about what to and what not to pack up for solo travels. We have got you covered. Read below to know more

These five sections holds checklists of A- Z travel  needs

Wardrobe preparation

Depending upon the number of days of stay and the location you have chosen to, prepare your wardrobes. Analyse the weather reports of your travel spot and be prepared for it. Either it’s a cosy and comfortable sweater or a lightly fleeing tank top all goes to the topography of your travel spot to feel the comfortableness.

Gadget kit

What a trip without recording memories or enjoying music. If you’re thinking of a camera be sure to carry your charge card. The same goes for mobile and your tabs. Next comes the music. A good and likeable playlist to enjoy solemness and to feel the nature music is utterly important

Protection kit

The protection kit involves your first-aid kit and the medicines, especially medicines. Again the topography of our travel spot plays a major role. If you are allergic to some plantations over there carry anti-allergens. Then comes your torch, swiss knife if you can even a fire drill.

Ready to eat foods

Enjoy nature in its own realm, eat, enjoy, sleep and repeat. The most peaceful way to spend time during your travel. Always carry ready to eat foods that are hygienically packed like El-Alimentos food products. Then the stuffing is what nature will provide you and there you go feast at nowhere is now made possible.


Out in the sun sweating or chilling in the moonlights, carry your appropriate toiletries. His to goes with the topography of your travel spot ad analysing the weather over there which will help you to pick up your right toiletries such as the SPF amount of your sunscreen

Packing before 2 days is the best way to have an organized packing solution for your trip. Carry ample amounts of water and ready to eat foods to avoid loss of energy and dehydration. Create a checklist with the above as a referral and go through the packed items with the list so you don’t miss out on anything & FUN. 

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