Is it Tacos Tuesday or Tortilla Tuesday?

How far your Taco shell will take you in that roller coaster of deliciousness.??? just with some fillings or sauce and that loud crunch biased with the hotness of the dish. If you think that this is the eternity of delightness sorry to hurt you… You are wrong. It’s time for you to expand your experience rather than biting the crunch by meeting Taco’s bigger brother the Tortillas.

 Tortillas are not just the holders of the mouth-watering, either spicy or soothing fillings , they are much more. From getting baked with biryani and going east to pan puffed pizzas and to the far west as a serving with spicy arab dishes and then to the north to make burritos and coming to the deeper south as wraps and fried wraps ,there hasn’t been a place that tortillas has not replicated but has found its uniqueness by becoming as a great accommodation to their respective cuisines.

 Accepting the fact ,with this much diversity to serve they need additional input than tacos but what comes after is that the heavenlies deliciousness of the first bite which I promise for you is far better than Tacos. The most interesting fact about tortillas is their co-ordinance to blend in with the accommodations yet giving that feel of crunch or that soft punch to the spiciness which I am referring to as  retaining its uniqueness. 

The dishes that can be made with Tortillas are also diverse as they vary from easy-makes as spreading some sauce and topping with fresh veggies to the starred delighted ones such as piled up lasagna. Self preparing of basic Tortilla dishes are even done by Toddlers and any wrap up with Tortilla will definitely turn up healthy for them and it highly benefits the working moms and bachelors. Guess what tortilla made tacos are less expensive than actual tacos.

So if you are planning the night of tuesday with your family or friends ~ Tortilla’s T goes better with Tuesday. Check out Top 5’s tastiest Tortillas at

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