Chennai & Cholebhature

Boring breakfasts? Consider , Steaming pooris sunset red gravy, sliced onion and lemon and mirchi that is high on masala- Chole Bhature, the most liked NorthIndian, say Punjabi dish all over India. Chennai, has few hits with this dish in its locality that are sought out by many and here they are.

Grasping the essence of NorthIndia, Cholebhature is now successfully playing its league all over India. Chennai has few spots  where these restaurants are a hit for serving the tastier Cholebhature exclusively.

Cream Centre, Nungabakkam

Located in the middle of Chennai, Cream Center offers the more delightful Cholebhature throughout the day.Yes, not restricted only to breakfasts, they serve it all day long due to the likeliness of the locals for this. Sourcing a major space in their menu book, the holder is so confident in its taste that they promote it boldly as they are sure that people will like it , no matter what. So if you are thinking of having a hot cholebhature at any time of the day, visit Cream Center, sure they won’t disappoint you.

Dwarka, Gopalapuram.

Serving most of the Indo-chinese cuisine, they continuously proved their expertise in  north-indian cuisine. Ofcourse, their best is the Cholebature, spiced with chilli that is masala-fied. Served with onions and lemon it enriches the whole aroma and the look of the serve is just mouth-watering.

Shree Mithai, Nungabakkam

Never to miss this delight for just 95 rupees. Served in mornings and evenings, Shree Mithai has got their own north-indian skills to bring out the originality of the dish. Spiced and tangy this dish is served with additional accommodations such as fried chilli and onions making this as a wholesome one. 

Desi klub, Chetpet

Any dish you name it, they serve it with their out of box thinking on their presentation. Would they leave out their special dish Chola Bature? Served in a tricycle with their special amritsar chutney, the smirking feel that it gives once it is presented and the aroma that causes mouth watering sensation to us is worth trying for.

Beyond this there are many spots that chennai  can map you to get the best cholebhature. There is one more way to have it better is at your home just make the channa ready and the softest poori is available at    Grab a plate sit back with comfy and binge watch your fav series on OTT it will be the BEST NIGHT EVER!

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