Oil is very much important to cooking. Everyone knows more oil makes food yummier but along with it comes cholesterol. So always make wise choices in choosing the right oil suitable for your cuisine that doesn’t compromise in taste and health. Here are a few Oil descriptions from which you can adapt to according to the dishes you prepare.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO):

We all know that olive oil is the best one to use for cooking, and extra virgin olive oil is much more preferable due to its antioxidant content  and cancer prevention factors.But it can be used for cooking that involves 375° and above as it degrades from its good will and starts emitting damaging free radicals. Just good for dips and steamed food but not for deep fry and barbeques 

Light Olive oil 

It may not be as popular as EVOO but it has its benefits the same as EVOO and it can be used for deep fry and barbeques too. No limitations on temperature radicals. It can be used for baking and dessert preparations but it has an overpowering nature. Light doesn’t mean less calories but defines its state during distillation. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be of two forms refined and unrefined making it as processed and virgin one.

Coconut oil has a strong flavour that it can dominate the actual taste of the recipe, but this domination is a sweet one as it doesn’t overpower the recipe but enriches it. This oil can be used for sauteing and steaming but suitable for deep frying but its taste dominance is an aspect for it to keep it to sauteing and steaming itself.

Canola and other Vegetable oils

Canola oil is most often not used, but vegetable oil is. The vegetable oil is usually from a blend of vegetables; it is more suitable for sauteing and streaming. It’s always good to have vegetable oil other than your cooking oil which is very necessary to add now and then to your cooking and your salads

It’s always good to be considerate about the type of the oil you use before cooking because it accommodates you and your family’s health benefits. Choose wisely the type and for the type of cooking.

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