5 Most Popular Parotta in South India

5 famous parotta in Tamilnadu:

Can anyone say no to parotta? Absolutely not! In recent years Parottas became part of our diet and our life. In India, especially in South India, various types of Parottas are being loved all over the world. Here are the popular types of Parotta that are most sought after

Malabar parotta: 

Malabar Parota is one of the most famous South Indian dishes. It is flaky yet fluffy, crisp, and soft. A delicious El-Alimentos Top 5’s Ready to eat Malabar Parota greased with hot melted ghee and served with South Indian gravy dishes will always be finger-licking good. Many people prefer having this flatbread for their meals over any other, and its taste makes it unique, delectable, and better than others on many occasions.

Veechu parotta: 

Veechu Parotta is more famous in the south region of Tamil Nadu, especially in Madurai District. It’s at the top of famous food recipes in Madurai. To prepare this regular parotta ingredients are being used but the parotta is folded in the shape of a square and fried. Veechu parotta and Chettinad chicken are the most preferable and delicious combo.

Kothu parotta: 

Kothu Parotta is very popular in the streets all over Tamil Nadu. The parotta is shredded into pieces and tossed with eggs, chicken, gravy, and vegetables. It makes a very filling meal and they taste awesome.

Chilli parotta: 

Chilli Parotta is a vegetarian version of Kothu Parotta and it is made with onions, capsicum and tomato sauce, and of course, chillies. While the Kothu parotta is soft and moist, the chilli parotta is more crisp and chewy.

Ceylon parotta: 

Ceylon Parotta is a delicacy that gets its name from its place of origin. Ceylon parotta has two layers (square shape) and is stuffed with minced meat, and can even be eaten without a side dish, and is extremely satisfying.

There are a lot of different varieties and combinations out there but none of them will match the home-style parotta with an awesome serve on a chill weekend. Try El-Alimentos Top5’s Ready to eat Parotta and have a happy & delicious weekend!

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