Tandoori Naan and its famous Accommodations

Yes, this is about the flatbread that will be out hot of the tandoori pot and then buttered which melts in its hotness topped with pinches of parsley or coriander-The tandoori naan. This naan is a traditional dish in north India but at the same time, a restaurant hit in south India. All Indians mostly love this flatbread and the accommodations with it are the reason for its crazy hit. 

Cuban Meatball curry, the one that is high on spiciness and tenderness of the meat goes well with naan and it is very much suitable for serving a large number of people.

Paneer and spinach these two words, when heard separately, is not much appealing but together they are the hit accommodations with Naan which is the Paalak Panner. Butter glazed paneer in the thick soup of palak seasoned with the herbs is so much mouth-watering. 

Then comes the middle Indian side dish which is the Dhum Aloo. It is spicier than the above two but potatoes and the bread as the world knows is a great combo and the creaminess of the soup adds richness to the combo.

Then comes the all-time hit chicken tikka masala. Masala fried chicken sauteed in the high rich creamed tomato-onion soup and addition of extra spice in it is the divine combination for naan.

Then from the spicier Tamilnadu which is famous for Chettinad cuisine has these mushroom gravies that are spicy and serves as a great combination to Naan.

Apart from these top hits there are many other  gravies all serving well with naan. So one naan irrespective of the accommodations’ will give its uniqueness to the combo and will make it delicious a hit. So I recommend having tandoori naan shelved at your homes always to have a delightful meal with El-Alimentos Heat & Serve Tandoori Naan

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