5 Popular Varieties In Idli You Must Try


We can officially say that South India’s favorite food is Idli. The combination of idli and sambar is a match made in heaven. Though people believe that idli did not originate from South India (which by the way no one cares) is still preferred by everyone and continues to be a part of every South Indian’s breakfast. But Why? How can a simple dish be popular for generations? Well, first of idli is one of the healthiest breakfasts a person can have and secondly the varieties available.

The idli batter is filled with probiotics due to its fermentation. Idli is steamed, so it can be a healthy alternative for foods that are fried in fattening oil or slathered in butter. From babies to old age people anyone can eat idli as it is easily digestible and will also fill you with energy. Since the batter of idli is fermented the minerals and vitamins are easily broken down and absorbed which will help digestion. Another benefit of the fermented batter is that it is low in fat.

The Varieties:

South India is the hub for idli and over time idli has evolved and the varieties in idli kept increasing. To be honest it is impossible to find the exact number of idli varieties so let us see the most popular varieties you can find in South India.

Kanchipuram Idli:

The Kanchipuram Idli is one of the most unique idli dishes right from its color, shape, and taste. The reason behind this uniqueness is its seasoning. Before the idli batter is steamed the batter is tempered with herbs and spices and during the steaming dried mandhari leaves are added to enhance the dish. 

Poha Idli:

Poha is added to the batter with rice and urad dal. Poha idlis are soft and go well with coconut chutney. Veg Kuruma can also be used as an alternative. If you are tired of regular plain idlis you must try the poha idli for a change. 

Thatte Idli:

This type of idli is famous in Karnataka. Thatte idlis are known for their size. Compared to traditional idlis thatte idlis are super soft and thin. They are made on a flat plate and are much bigger compared to the other varieties. A single thatte idli can be compared to 2 or 3 regular size idlis. Hence they are very fulfilling.

Podi Idli:

This is made by adding idli podi to the idli batter and roasting it in a pan to make it crispy. The idli podi is a type of coarse spice powder that is utilized in Indian cuisine. It is a mixture of ground dry spices that usually contains urad dal, dried red chilies, chickpeas, salt, and sesame seeds. The idli podi is hot but has its benefits like boosting your metabolism and reduce the risk of cancer.

Instant Idli:

They are made with instant idli mix batters that are readily available in the market. Idli batters need to be fermented for at least 6 hours and if you don’t have time to make idli batter then instant idli mix can be used to whip out the same soft and fluffy idlis.

So as I mentioned before it is impossible to find the right number for the varieties in idli. But no matter the numbers homemade food is always special. So try El-Alimentos Top-5 ready-to-cook batters. They serve you with the most authentic South Indian breakfast delicacies. They make no compromises on the freshness or your health so why should you? Visit us @ https://www.elalimentos.com/ to know more.

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