Must-Try Dosa Varieties In Tamil Nadu

Dosa is one of the most loved dishes in South Indian Cuisine. Made with a fermented batter consisting of lentils and rice dosa is a common breakfast dish that is loved by all in South India. Dosa is commonly served hot with different kinds of chutneys and sambar. Be it a vibrant coconut chutney, spicy tomato chutney, or refreshing mint chutney, dosa will be in perfect harmony with them.

Tamil Nadu is known for its hospitality and culture. Food is an important part of Tamil culture. Though many food varieties were influenced by other parts of the world Tamil Nadu has made its own with its variations in cooking. Dosa originated in South India and the varieties in dosa have skyrocketed in this modern day. Be it from humble roadside shops to legendary 5-star hotels you can find dosa being served. Here are some of the most savored dosa dishes in Tamil Nadu.

1.  Ghee Roast Dosa:

Ghee roast is one of the most popular dishes in India. Ghee Roast dosa is similar to that of the paper roast dosa in terms of the crispy texture. Ghee dosa is served folded or made into a cone dosa based on the type of pan that is used. They go well with coconut chutney and sambar.

2.  Rava Dosa:

Rava dosa is a simple dish where instead of the fermented batter a thin batter is made of semolina, rice flour, and water. This batter doesn’t need fermentation and is easy to make. The other name for semolina is rava and it is the crucial part of the dosa. Thus the dish is named rava dosa. You can also take it up a notch by adding onions, tomatoes, curry leaves, herbs, or spices.

3.  Masala Dosa:

Visit any restaurants and you will find this dish on the breakfast menu. Masala dosa is one of the most favored dishes in South India. The main highlight of this dish is its mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes are seasoned with masala and are added to a plain dosa and folded up. It is one of the best breakfast dishes you can have and you cannot miss out on its taste.

4.  Sweet Banana Wheat Dosa:

Sweet banana is a unique twist to dosa. This type of dosa is the complete opposite of the original plain dosa. Where dosas are spiced up or complemented with sambar and chutney, the sweet banana dosa is complimented with chocolate syrups, nuts, and the main ingredient sliced bananas. It is a tasty sweet treat that you can have in the evenings and is popular among children.

Dosa is a traditional South Indian dish with its unique flavors and taste. It is the most common breakfast dish in South India. If you ever get tired of plain dosa try out these amazing varieties in dosa. Make it even more special by cooking it at home with El-Alimentos Top-5 fresh and healthy ready-to-cook batters. El-Alimentos now offers authentic South Indian Breakfast batters that can be cooked in an instant.    

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