Benefits of eating Ragi during pregnancy

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The popular cereal of Asian countries, Ragi, has remarkable health benefits. Rich in protein and calcium, the food made with ragi can have a positive impact on pregnant women. Some of them are:

Rich in Calcium

Calcium is very good for the teeth and bone development of the fetus. This will also develop strength in the mother. Ragi being a food rich in calcium, will be a great food to eat during pregnancy.

Fat content

Ragi contains natural fat. Pregnant women are asked not to bother about weight gain. But too much fact can lead to being overweight which brings extra problems. By eating ragi, you can get enough natural fat that is actually good for the body.

Have fiber in it

Digestion problems are very common among pregnant women as the fetus will grow and press the bowl. Eating food rich in fiber content is suggested to the pregnant to solve this issue. Ragi contains a lot of fiber content.  

Help with sleep

Ragi contains amino acids that will help pregnant women to get good during the pregnancy time. Considering the plight that women may get insomnia during the pregnancy period, eating food prepared using ragi is highly beneficial.

Boosts milk production

Another advantage with the intake of ragi in the pregnancy period is that it increases the production of milk in the mother. Ragi contains amino acid, calcium and iron which helps with milk production. If you are a person who plans to breastfeed the child exclusively, it is good to eat ragi. 

Controls the cholesterol level

Increased levels of cholesterol during pregnancy can lead to hypertension and may even lead to complicated labour. The Methionine and Lecithin included in the ragi will help to control the cholesterol level, thus helping you to have a normal pregnancy time.

Contains various minerals

Ragi is the hub of various minerals. Minerals are very much needed at the time of pregnancy and are very much essential for the growth of the fetus. Making a chart and taking the necessary ragi is highly advised to pregnant women.

Rich in protein

Protein is absolutely essential during the pregnancy period, that too in a high amount. The lack of protein can affect the proper growth of the fetus and along with health issues to the mother. Ragi is one of the best sources for protein and can supply protein to all parts of the body. Eating food made with ragi will be a wise choice.


Ragi is a gluten-free food product and is very safe to eat. As gluten can have a very adverse effect on women who are carrying, consuming ragi in the course of pregnancy is healthy.

Ragi brings huge benefits to the pregnant women and the health of the baby inside. But the food prepared with ragi must be tasty too. Ragi dosa is a very delicious item especially famous in the southern states of India. Preparing ragi dosa is a bit time consuming process and the batter for it should be kept overnight for cooking the dish.  Even though many love to experience the healthy and tasty dish, the time needed to prepare it is pulling them back. El-Alimentos is here with a solution for this- Ready –to cook dosa batter. El-Alimentos is a very famous ready to eat food products manufacturer in Chennai. Their high quality products have caught the minds of many and continues to be the leader among the ready to cook food product manufacturers in Chennai.

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