Idli- the perfect choice for your weight loss journey

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Made from urad dal and rice, idly is one of the most popular South Indian dishes that is eaten all over the world. Due to its various health benefits, especially in the areas of weight loss, idly is also the first pick of fitness trainers and people who wish to cut down their body weight. The dish can be found in different varieties including, Rava idli, ragi idli and rice idli, depending on the ingredients used. Following are some benefits of idli in weight loss:

Low in Calories

Idli is a steamed food and this makes them very low in calories. If you are so concerned about the excessive amount of rice in it, you can balance it with some vegetables along with the idly. This can be in the form of the South Indian dish, Sambar or Chutney. This combination makes them a perfect meal with low calories, especially for people who are trying to lose their body fat.

Good for digestion

Another important peculiarity of the evergreen idli is its easy digestive property. Idli is easy to digest because of the fermentation process it goes through in its preparation and makes it easily digestible by the human stomach. Fermentation breaks down the minerals and vitamins that help with the digestion process.

Rich in Fiber and protein

The ingredients used to make idli are rich in fiber and protein, making them the perfect option for a healthy breakfast. The fiber and proteins included in the dish will help people to eat less since it gives the feeling of fullness for a long time. People who are struggling with body weight can benefit from this property of idly.  

Carb control

Studies have found out that, if idli is served with fruits like oranges or grapes that contain citric acid, it is beneficial in burning the fat along with reducing the deposition of carbs in the body. Taking Idli on a daily basis is highly suggested for people who want to get their body fat in control.

 Contains iron

Idly is also a food that is rich in iron.  As per experts, idli can meet the daily iron needs of both men and women, if eaten daily. Lentils used while preparing the dish is the reason behind this iron abundance.

How to easily make healthy idli?

Even though the health benefits of idli are varied, preparing them is a very time-consuming process, starting from grinding the rice a day before to fermenting it overnight. An easy way to make them is to use ready to cook idli batter from a reputed and trusted food manufacturer like El-Alimentos. Using the idli batter from the ready-to-cook food product manufacturer- El-Alimentos–  can save a  lot of time and you can also have a healthy, tasty breakfast. The manufacturer makes the idli batter with high-quality techniques and machinery, along with the assistance of experts in the field, who overlook the production process with a keen eye. So you can use the batter without a chance of doubt in its quality and health benefits.

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