ready to eat food products manufacturers in Chennai

Benefits of eating Ragi during pregnancy

October 29, 2021 By Elalimentos

The popular cereal of Asian countries, Ragi, has remarkable health benefits. Rich in protein and calcium, the food made with ragi can have a positive impact on pregnant women. Some…
ready to eat products manufacturers in Chennai

Advantages of having ready to cook food items in the kitchen

October 22, 2021 By Elalimentos

The food habits of people are changing. As more and more people are getting into busy schedules, they are no longer fond of long cooking hours. But, we cannot rely…

Must-Try Dosa Varieties In Tamil Nadu

September 23, 2021 By Elalimentos

Dosa is one of the most loved dishes in South Indian Cuisine. Made with a fermented batter consisting of lentils and rice dosa is a common breakfast dish that is…

5 Popular Varieties In Idli You Must Try

September 11, 2021 By Elalimentos

We can officially say that South India’s favorite food is Idli. The combination of idli and sambar is a match made in heaven. Though people believe that idli did not…

Impress Your Guest with our Ready-to-Eat Product

August 30, 2021 By Elalimentos

Top Health Benefits of Eating wheat parotta Having guests at home can be fantastic, but it could be quite stressful as well. Naturally, you want to make a good impression…

Top Health Benefits of Eating wheat parotta

August 30, 2021 By Elalimentos

Wheat Parotta has been a region of the human diet for tens of thousands of years. However, proponents of the many fashionable diets like the paleo diet, claim that consuming…

Go for Ready-to-Cook products!, But Why?

April 5, 2021 By Elalimentos

Valuable Benefits of Ready-To-Eat FoodMaintaining a balanced, nutritious diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle - especially in this modern life. We face many challenges every day, making…

Tandoori Naan and its famous Accommodations

March 11, 2021 By Elalimentos

Yes, this is about the flatbread that will be out hot of the tandoori pot and then buttered which melts in its hotness topped with pinches of parsley or coriander-The…

5 Most Popular Parotta in South India

February 23, 2021 By Elalimentos

5 famous parotta in Tamilnadu: Can anyone say no to parotta? Absolutely not! In recent years Parottas became part of our diet and our life. In India, especially in South…


January 22, 2021 By Elalimentos

Oil is very much important to cooking. Everyone knows more oil makes food yummier but along with it comes cholesterol. So always make wise choices in choosing the right oil…