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We have been fortunate to serve great brands.

Our Vendors and Suppliers are part of our El Alimentos family. We have an eye for sourcing quality ingredients for our food products. Hence we always lookout for Suppliers who deliver high-quality products.

Our Regular Sourcing Requirements

  • Food Ingredient Requirement
    1. Samba Wheat
    2. Maida
    3. Edible Oils
    4. Food Flavours
    5. Food Grade Chemicals
    6. Salt
    7. Sweeteners – Corn
    8. Sweeteners – Sugar
  • Packing Materials Requirement
    1. Poly Bags
    2. R&D Supplies
    3. Safety Supplies
    4. Sanitation Chemicals
    5. Towels and Tissue
    6. Food Grade Packaging
  • Office Supplies Requirements
    1. Tape
    2. Services
    3. Laundry
    4. Pest Control

We source responsibly with industry best practices that protect the environment, preserve human healthy and add value to society. Our suppliers help us deliver the same. We look for suppliers who meet our sourcing standards, ethics and commitments.

Please register in the below form if you are a raw Food products supplier for food manufacturers.