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Chappathi and Rotis have become everyday food in most of our homes. Top 5 Foods from El Alimentos scientifically and hygienically manufacture ready to cook, heat and serve – fresh and frozen chapathis. No more excuse for having Good health in a busy world.


Amplify your busy working days or relaxing sundays extravagantly with restaurant style El-Alimentos Top 5’s Ready to eat Mini Cholapuris on your breakfast table. Enlightening your day with our taste and every bite with perfect accommodation will be such a delight.

Glorious are those friday afternoons as you have got the weekend and our El-Alimentos Top 5’s Ready to eat Malabar Parota. Yes, it’s the big sized parotta that we all desire is now on your table but with an extra potion of care and nutrition.We at El-Alimentos have made these Parotas with the level of bringing up the taste and texture of the Parota to its actual cuisine. Thus with the right accommodation , every bite of that soft and tastier parota is promised with non-preservative quality.