Breakfast is important and must be the interesting meal of the day. A much calm and relaxing breakfast is a must, as it sets the phase for the entire day.A wholesome breakfast is necessary to give the nutrients that you deserve for an entire day. Here are some breakfasts recipes that can be made in just 5-minutes yet, it serves as a wholesome meal.

Chapati Cheese Roll

As the name says, it may sound quite heavier for breakfast but isn’t. The actual recipes are as follows. Have your favorite veggies sliced into tiny bits and have them steamed for 2 minutes. Let them be crunchy. Strain them and dry them. Add grated Cheese, oil, mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste. Buy Heat and serve Chapatis @ 

https://www.elalimentos.com/product/chappathi/ and add the stuff and roll them . A maximum of  2 rolls is all that is needed to start the day healthier.

Scrambled egg Chapati

If you have a favouritism for eggs then here you go. Make your favourite type of scrambled eggs, with pepper onion and so on. Add salt.pepper , mayonnaise and if needed the sauce of your choice. Add sauce and mayonnaise just to give the scrambled eggs a coating not too much as they will become sluggy. Add this mixture to the heat and serve Chappatis roll them and have it on the go.

Tandoori Naan with Vegetable sabji

Use your favourite vegetables, steam them,drain them and try them. Add pepper and salt to them. Add chilli powder,salt and Chat masala to a tomato puree and leave it to boil for 5 minutes. Add the dried vegetables, give it a stir for the mixtures to blend. Use heat and serve tandoori naan from https://www.elalimentos.com/product/tandoori-naan/ and have this puree mixture as an accommodation. The whole process will take less than ten minutes even if you make the puree yourself.

Wheat Parotta with veg mix

This recipe can be a breakfast or it can be  a great hit in your get together parties. Select your favourite veggies slicem them, steam them and dry them. Add Salt and pepper. If you need it spicier add cooked tomato puree blended with Chili sauce . If you need it milder add cheese cubes to white sauce. Mix one of the sauce with the veggies and add shredded heat and serve shredded wheat parotta from https://www.elalimentos.com/product/wheat-parotta/ .

Like these there are many yummier 5 minutes breakfasts that can be made. Even if you are in a hurry, use ready to cook products from https://www.elalimentos.com/products/ and have an accommodation that is healthier and tastier to make your breakfast a wholesome meal.

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